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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vine: Smart People

Going Google at MiGoogle13

Welcome to MiGoogle at Brighton High School!  Today we are set for a fun day of learning!

Let's check out our options and head to our next session.

All right!  Let's try crowd-sourcing a blog.  Perfect for an after lunch activity!

Students plan Disney reform at school

Event Signs

Miles of miGoogle Smiles

When all else fails...

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. - Mark Twain at BrainyQuote

Our Favorite Logos from migoogle



More time you spend reflecting, the more you learn from mistakes. We don't like doing this but it's when we learn best @jrsowash #migoogle

Finding the way to Google

I spy with my #MiGoogle eyes

Tons of enthusiastic teachers!


Student Interviews

Blue group

Is this the real blue group?


Karen Vandewater
Michigan Center Schools
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Sing age

Karen Vandewater
Michigan Center Schools
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What is my best thought of the day???

migoogle blog post

Hashtag Hero Photo

Sandy Freeland
Kindergarten Teacher
McBain Elementary

Collaborative learning w/new friends


tweet tweet

See you at NovaNow!

Did You See This Guy?

Besides being fun, would this robot- mounted iPad make important connections to the learning?

Cost is $2400 right now...

MiGoogle Presentation

@TechyTeacher1 connecting CCSS and the Drive!

Collaborative writing w/ Google Slides

This is what we did in "Blending it up With Google Drive": Using Google Presentations is an easy way to get many students in one place and give individuals or groups a space to write. They could then provide feedback to each other or receive feedback from teacher. 

Craig SteenstraRemove Hyperlink
Educational Technology Consultant
(w) 616-447-5673

Learning about Chromebook management!

Excited to learn! 

Richard Compton

Connectors with #miMoodle

We can be connectors by sharing with others in online environments like Twitter. Powerful, interesting and fun connections are being made via #migoogle even as I write. Below is a screenshot of one moment in time of the connectors at work in this environmet.

We All Tube

In a packed room, Andy Mann shares how to use YouTube effectively in a classroom. We never realized all the tips and tricks to this social medium. Thanks for a fantastic learning experience.

Keynote photo

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